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Our Story


To understand Dixie & Dot, you'll have to meet its co-founders: Kelsey & Leslie aka the beauties and the brains behind Dixie & Dot. These two sisters are from a small town in Arkansas called Decatur then moved to Fayetteville, where Dixie & Dot began. They wanted to create a brand that was inspired by their lives-- filled with fun and a lot of love!

May 2017, Dixie & Dot started out selling their items on Amazon (visit their Amazon store here). Their very first item they sold (and their best seller to this day) were the Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags. From there, they began to sell Bachelorette Flash Tattoos and Baller Flasks. 

Still a fairly new brand, the company is growing by adding more products to their catalog (coming soon), opened up another store front (this website), and there's more coming on the horizon.


The Story of Dixie & Dot


Dot (or Dottie as her friends call her) is a free spirited hippie at heart. She loves without conditions, embraces strangers, calls you sweetie, honey and cries when her heart's full of joy. Dottie loves babies, people, and easily expresses her personality.

Dixie embodies strength of character, she understands that anything is possible if you work hard enough. She's in control, cool, calm and collected, but has a secret love of romance. Dixie is always put together, in a completely effortless way. Dixie's a fighter, full of moxy and self assurance. When times are tough, you want Dixie on your side. She's the ultimate #boss and put the fire in #fierce.


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