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Survive the Quarantine Part 1: Obsessed......These Podcasts!

 Survive the Quarantine Part 1:  Obsessed......These Podcasts!  Hey Babes Hey!  Here we are still quarantined! I know if y'all are anything like me you are trying to find things to fill these long days while staying safe at home.  So, I'm gonna to share with y'all my 4 part mini series on Ways to Survive the Quarantine.  In each episode you will get lots of ideas on things to do to fill the time and make you a happier you in the meantime!   In this 1st part of our mini-series I present to you 6 podcasts that all of the Dixie and Dot Girl Gang are obsessed with!!    The Morning Toast I don’t know bout you but I’m not one to listen...

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Oh, Okay Quarantine......We Got This!!

Oh, Okay Quarantine......We Got This!!  Hey Babes...are y'all feeling anxious about Covid19 and this quarantine?  I think we are all a little but for some of y'all I know this is a very stressful time.  It looks like we are gonna be quarantined for several more weeks so......I got you!  Here are a few ways to manage your anxiety.  I know it's a bit of a mind game....we just have to adjust our perspectives.   State of Mind  I know it's a bit of a mind game but instead of feeling like you're STUCK at home be like Yay, I get to be SAFE & STAY home and focus on myself!  What are some things you have had in the back of...

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Hey Quarantine Hey!!

Hey Quarantine Hey!!   Soooo….not exactly what all us babes had in mind for the start of Spring 2020!  I know for me I was planning to be in Miami for Spring Break! Instead I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and working from home...ugh!   Although I know it wasn’t the plan here are a few ideas to stay busy while surviving the Coronavirus Quarantine!!   Play Games Games- I don't know bout you but I love to play games!  Pull out a deck of cards of the old games and have a great time!!  I love playing Spades and Yahtzee.  I'm sure y'all have your favorites too!  Pull them out and have a big time!!    Video Games- My boys love video games but...

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Feeling Lucky?

           Feeling Lucky?  Idk if you babes need this but here are a few tips if you wanna Get Lucky this St. Patty’s Day!    Dope A$$ Outfits                       Look stylish while showing off hints of green or go all the way with it unless you're hoping to get pinched!    No Basic Nails                You don’t have to get cheesy nails with shamrocks to celebrate St. Patty's Day.  Incorporate green while staying on trend like these examples.     Gorgeous Green Makeup            If you are as lucky as I am to be born with green eyes you...

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Get Sprung this Spring with these 5 Beauty Trends

Wanna get Sprung this Spring?   Here are 5 Beauty Trends that will have everyone taking a second look at you!!   Check out these inexpensive finds on Amazon to achieve these looks!   White Eyeliner!  A fun and fresh way to unexpectedly brighten your eyes and everyone's day!                                                                                                   NYX White liquid or pencil eyeliner found on Amazon for under $5!!  (click on product for link to products on Amazon)    Pearl Eye and Hair...

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