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Top 10 Gifts Under $100 For Her by Brittany Hain

The Holidays are right around the corner...     That means it's time to buy presents!! If you're stuck trying to figure out some gift ideas, then you came to the right place. It's always hard to figure out what to get for someone (especially ladies, we can be picky!) so here are Top 10 Gifts Under $100 For Her that your mom, girlfriend, sister, best friend, etc. will LOVE.   1) WOMAN Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren ($89.99) This gift set retails for $89.99 (What a STEAL!!) This special gift set includes 2 bottles (one 1.7oz and one 1.0oz bottle). This perfume is one of my favorites. I just bought another bottle of it because it smells SO...

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How to Throw the Best (Budget-Friendly) Friendsgiving by Rachel Roberts

How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving It's Fall Y'all! That means it's almost one of the best times of the year: FRIENDSGIVING. The holidays (especially Thanksgivings) can be just the worst sometimes... but one holiday you can count on not sucking is Friendsgiving! What the heck is Friendsgiving? I'm glad you asked! Friendsgiving is simply a Thanksgiving party for your friends. I would have these once a year with my friends back in college and it was ALWAYS the best time. What You'll Need: 1) FRIENDS No, not the show Friends (even though it's my favorite TV show). You're going to need some real life friends to bring to this thing! Make sure not to send out invites too early...

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Causing a Racquet

Welcome to our very first blog post for Dixie & Dot!! We're going to give you a behind the scenes look at our tennis-themed photoshoot: Causing a Racquet. If you haven't already, check out our lookbook here for some really cute photos of our gals with their tennis flasks.      Inspiration: Palm Springs     The Tennis Flask is going to become your new favorite drinking buddy on the court! One of our founders, Leslie Lentz, is an avid tennis player and she knows that everyone at the Country Club always needs a drink (herself included).  Location: Pinnacle Country Club - Rogers, Arkansas  We shot our Tennis Lookbook at the Pinnacle Country Club, a gorgeous country club in Rogers,...

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