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Where to have a Girls' Night Out in Northwest Arkansas!

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One of our fave things to do is go out with all our fabulous, fun and beautiful babes!  Our fantastic and growing Northwest Arkansas area has a multitude of places to go with your girl gang!  We have put together a list of some of our new and old places to go with your besties! 


The Hive

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This bar is adjoined to the 21C Museum Hotel
where wining and dining becomes a cultural experience as well.  While getting tipsy you can wander around their contemporary and installation art.  You can get drunk and schooled all in one night.  Now that is what I call a win, win.
Oh and a side note there is a little green penguin hanging out in The Hive, feel free to place the penguin at your table.  He is there for you all to move around at your convenience.  You never know where the penguin will be!
Visit their website:


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I love, love, love a little gem hidden beneath Preacher’s Son.  It is only marked by the “Bar” sign outside the door.  Dimly lit ambiance with craft cocktails is a perfect stop on the way to Drunkville.
Visit their website
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A classic NWA bar and restaurant.  Perfect place to dine and drink martinis with your most marvelous ladies.  I personally love their dirty martini with some blue cheese olives.
Visit their website

George’s Majestic Lounge

georges, music, fun, drinks, cheers, bands, dance, girls night out, dixie and dot
If you are in the need to sway to the music.  This is a great go to for that.  Look up their band schedule and plan your friend fiesta on the night your favorite musical geniuses play.
Visit their website
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Love beer and pool??? A classic dive bar right on Dickson! Grab a booth and have some laid-back fun!  It is an oldie but a goodie! 

Visit their website

The Holler

the holler, fun, girls night out, northwest arkansas, drinks, cheers, ladies, food, crazy
One of the newest locations in NWA.  You can basically spend the entire day and night there.  They have food, coffee and cocktails.  Challenge your besties for the resties to a game of shuffle board or you can just enjoy the scenery and entertainment of watching others play!
Visit their website

Big Box Karaoke

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Sing your little heart out with your girl gang at Big Box Karaoke!  You can give your friends the old razzle dazzle when you take the mic in your private suite!!! This is the best way to do karaoke, in my opinion!  You can order food, drink your favorite drinks and keep the embarrassing moments between the squad…. you know the moments I am speaking of when karaoke is involved…you think you sound like Whitney Houston but, the sound coming out of your mouth sounds more like a wounded animal.   Maybe it’s just me.
Visit their website
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First Thursday Wine Tasting at Brick Street Brews

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Go with your gang to taste some new wine!  They have a local wine connoisseur explain what you are sipping on and they tell you what it would best pair with!  Cheers dears!
Visit their website

Crystal Bridges

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Love the indoor and outdoor visuals of this world class art experience!  And grab some drinks and eats at Eleven!
Whether you go out or you stay in for a Girls' Night, remember to love, cherish and appreciate your girl gang. 
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