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What We Are Listening To...All day, Everyday! By Kristen Crow and everyone else in the office

I sit sometimes and wonder what the hell did we do before podcasts came to be??? I am sure we were much more active and more focused but who needs that! We have put together a little list for your reading and hopefully listening pleasure! These are the podcasts that our fabulous & some may say sinister dolls dig on.    Kelsey The Bitch Bible – Jackie Shimmel makes me LOL & always has something wildly inappropriate to say, to which I thoroughly enjoy. Sword & Scale --- It’s basically the podcast version of dateline. Which makes it incredibly disturbing but amazing for all true crime enthusiasts (like myself). Carrie I love Rose Pricks - they cover all things Bachelor...

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Kelsey's Top 5 Favs of July

Hey Y’all—Kelsey here! It’s been a quick minute since I’ve blogged for D+D, I’m so happy to be back! Les & I are going to start doing a fun monthly recap of a few things that we are obsessing over each month...

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Last Minute Adds to Your 4th of July Packing List By Emily Flohr

The 4th of July is just around the corner which means fireworks, food, and sun! If you’re going out of town chances are you’ve already thought about packing your favorite swimmy and pair of sandals.  

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Where to have a Girls' Night Out in Northwest Arkansas!

One of our fave things to do is go out with all our fabulous, fun and beautiful babes!  Our fantastic and growing Northwest Arkansas area has a multitude of places to go with your girl gang!  We have put together a list of some of our new and old places to go with your besties!       

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9 Instagram Worthy Places in Fayetteville, AR By Karlee Kilker

Located in the Ozarks, this city is just one of the towns making up the hidden gem that is Northwest Arkansas. It’s a medley of die-hard college football fans and people boasting granola status. Fayetteville is no ordinary city. Within the captivating “Hog Country,” there is some prime photo-ops to share with your followers. Next time you find yourself looking for a picturesque destination when you’re in town, make sure and look for those “instagrammable” stops!  1. What: Uptown Apartments & Shops Where: 3959 N Steele Blvd #102 Why: An upgrade to a simple apartment complex ideal, Uptown is surrounded by restaurants and stores making it neighborhood-like. The layout of Uptown itself is modern which makes for a great backdrop,...

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