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NIGHTMARE ON BLOCK STREET: Fayetteville, Arkansas's Ultimate Halloween Pop-Up Bar

  Our home town (but really our home towns) in Northwest Arkansas are very well known for their fun and unique events. People from all over come to events like the NWA Boutique Show, Bikes Blues & BBQ, exhibits at Crystal Bridges, film festivals, concerts, the LPGA, the Walmart Shareholders Meeting, and Razorback games. But here recently, the 'Nightmare on Block Street' Halloween Pop-Up Bar in Fayetteville has been a HUGE hit!     Nightmare on Block St. is located in the same building as Pinpoint Bar (if you need to pull up directions) and boy did they really out do themselves! Such a fun and spooky experience to get people into the Halloween spirit. For those who plan on attending in the future, I would plan...

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How to Throw the Best (Budget-Friendly) Friendsgiving by Rachel Roberts

How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving It's Fall Y'all! That means it's almost one of the best times of the year: FRIENDSGIVING. The holidays (especially Thanksgivings) can be just the worst sometimes... but one holiday you can count on not sucking is Friendsgiving! What the heck is Friendsgiving? I'm glad you asked! Friendsgiving is simply a Thanksgiving party for your friends. I would have these once a year with my friends back in college and it was ALWAYS the best time. What You'll Need: 1) FRIENDS No, not the show Friends (even though it's my favorite TV show). You're going to need some real life friends to bring to this thing! Make sure not to send out invites too early...

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