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Booooo Babes Booooo!!! Halloween Costume Ideas 2020!

  Booooo Babes Booooo!! Are y’all looking for ideas for Halloween Costumes....I got you!  Here are a few ideas for individuals, couples, and your crew costume ideas!!  Make them your own!  This is the D & D Girl Gangs' Fav time of year!   Be Spooky…..Sexy…..Fabulous!   Individual Costume Ideas       Nurse Ratched        Emily in Paris                Ruth Bader Ginsburg Catherine from The Great       Group Costume Ideas         Schitt’s Creek          Purge                 WAP Music Video     Selling Sunset       Couple Costume Ideas       Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin   Sarah & Nyles from Palm...

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Kelsey's Top 5 Favs of July

Hey Y’all—Kelsey here! It’s been a quick minute since I’ve blogged for D+D, I’m so happy to be back! Les & I are going to start doing a fun monthly recap of a few things that we are obsessing over each month...

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