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New Stadium Bags by Dixie & Dot!

Our NEW Clear ‘Stadium Bags’ are now on Shopify!!!

Stadium Bags - Dixie & Dot

These bags are perfect for tons of occasions including:

Sporting Events

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If you didn’t know already, the SEC and multiple other sporting conferences and leagues that have implemented “Clear Bag” policies which state that to carry any

belongings into a stadium, you must carry it in a clear, see-through bag of your choice. Well, we needed to find a way to fashionably carry our belongings in a way that fit our fashion preferences but that also abided by the policy. These bags do both and are perfect for your next NFL, SEC, or other sporting event!


Concerts/Music Festivals

“Queria ☆ (star) no Coachella!”, foi a frase que eu mais falei e ouvi nesse final de semana! Hahaha. Pois bem, eu não estava lá mas acompanhei tudo pelas redes sociais da vida, além dos…

Most concerts and music festival companies have not implemented any type of policy just yet, but these bags are so cute, why not wear it? If you have to buy a clear bag for your college game days, might as well bring it to your next music extravaganza too! I know tons of people who have taken their bags to Coachella, ACL, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, etc. These are perfect for this occasion too!


Even if you don’t go to games or concerts often, these bags are perfect for your everyday looks too. They are super cute and convenient just in case you run into a situation with a clear bag policy.


Shop the Stadium Bags on Shopify!

Shop these fabulous, clear Stadium Bags from our Shopify. Click here to visit our website!


Stadium Bags - Dixie & Dot

Stadium Bags - Dixie & Dot


P.S. I once went to a basketball game with a date and brought my brand new Michael Kors cross-body, not knowing there was a policy about clear bags. SO GUESS WHAT? My date had to run all the way almost mile there and back to the car just to put my purse away – how embarrassing (but very sweet of him to do)! So definitely don’t make the same mistake I did, and buy our Stadium Bags today so you’re covered!

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