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Spring Vacay Destinations

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

Spring is the perfect time to take a vacation – you deserve it! There are tons of destinations nationally and internationally to choose from! Here’s a list of my top 3 national and international destinations that are a must this spring!


National Destinations (U.S.)


Florida - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

Florida is one of the most visited states in the springtime. I went to Destin for my college spring break but it was so COLD! I would suggest going further south to the Miami area. It will be 80 degrees in March which is perfect for the beach!

 Florida - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot



Colorado - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

If you are looking to escape to the mountains, Colorado is the move. Colorado has some of the best skiing/snowboarding spots in the country. I absolutely love Breckinridge, Vail, and Winter Park. If you are looking for easier skiing (green slopes), I suggest Winter Park. Breckinridge and Vail are for those who have skied before.



California - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

California has tons of cities with different feels – depending on what you are going for. In the south, you have Los Angeles and San Diego, which are perfect for the beach, shopping, and just hanging out. Up north, you have Lake Tahoe, which is perfect for lake days and skiing (I know right, they have both!!). Lake Tahoe also has stunning views if you go hiking up Half Dome.

California - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

International Destinations (Outside of U.S.) 


Mexico - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

Mexico has tons of destinations within itself. We have all heard of Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Cabo. These are all amazing destinations and offer all-inclusive options. Cabo is my next move for sure!


The Caribbean

Caribbean - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

The Caribbean includes a ton of different islands – from Jamaica to Barbados. I have been to Barbados and it was amazing to see the culture they have there – also Beyoncé is from there! I have heard great things about the British Virgin Islands as well. Whichever island you choose to visit, expect crystal clear water and hot weather!



Europe - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

Europe has been one continent that I have never been to but have heard so many great things about. Italy is a must in the spring time because they don’t have A/C so the summers can get HOT. One of my dream destinations (that also has a pretty heavy price tag) is Santorini, Greece. If you get the chance to go, it will be well worth the price tag. The views are absolutely stunning. If you are into cooler temperatures, Norway is absolutely stunning as well.

 Europe - Spring Break Destinations - Dixie & Dot

Overall, whether you choose national or international, it’s a guaranteed great time in the springtime. You have the choice of cool or hot, depending on where you go. If you stay in the U.S. you will have a cheaper getaway but if you get to go international, it is amazing to soak up the other country’s culture. Now pack your bags and book that flight! You won’t regret it!



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