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Oh, Okay Quarantine......We Got This!!

Oh, Okay Quarantine......We Got This!! 

Hey Babes...are y'all feeling anxious about Covid19 and this quarantine?  I think we are all a little but for some of y'all I know this is a very stressful time.  It looks like we are gonna be quarantined for several more weeks so......I got you! 
Here are a few ways to manage your anxiety.  I know it's a bit of a mind game....we just have to adjust our perspectives.


State of Mind 

I know it's a bit of a mind game but instead of feeling like you're STUCK at home be like Yay, I get to be SAFE & STAY home and focus on myself!  What are some things you have had in the back of your mind or on the bottom of your to do list? 

Music Playlists, Home Projects, Binge Shows, Read, or Learn Something New? 
See....Yay!!  You get to spend time on the things you have been wanting to do!!


Create a Daily Routine

Idk bout y'all but if I don't have a lil structure in my life I'm pretty unproductive which also makes me anxious. Here are few ideas to help create an easy routine.

Set an alarm to wake up in morning
              Get Dressed..even if it cute loungewear
              Make your Bed 
             Take a Walk....around your house or neighborhood
             Go to Bed at Reasonable Time


Be Mindful

Some great ways to relieve your anxiety are through self reflection and focusing inwardly while also being able to express those feelings. 

Being mindful in your own way relieves anxieties.  For me personally writing is a great way to relieve my stresses.  Y'all may like to journal or write also but here are several other ideas that may help!  

                   Journal or Writing
                  Creativity (artwork, needlework, music etc.)


Okay Babes…..Hopefully your gained something from his post that will help you manage your anxiety.  We’re all in this together! Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, Stay Safe, and Stay Happy!!

XOXO,  HPH and the Dixie and Dot Girl Gang  

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