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Survive the Quarantine Part 1: Obsessed......These Podcasts!

 Survive the Quarantine Part 1: 

Obsessed......These Podcasts!

 Hey Babes HeyHere we are still quarantined! I know if y'all are anything like me you are trying to find things to fill these long days while staying safe at home.  So, I'm gonna to share with y'all my 4 part mini series on Ways to Survive the Quarantine.  In each episode you will get lots of ideas on things to do to fill the time and make you a happier you in the meantime!  

In this 1st part of our mini-series I present to you 6 podcasts that all of the Dixie and Dot Girl Gang are obsessed with!! 


The Morning Toast

I don’t know bout you but I’m not one to listen to the actual news,  but The Morning Toast is perfect if you want to keep up on current and pop affairs. They deliver the fast five stories you NEED to know and you can easily listen while you eat your breakfast….like toast... lol.  Claudia and Jackie are hilarious and their sisterly bond will make you feel like you are part of their family! If you love reality tv they are the most candid about all the shows! They tell who they love, hate, and who they think is ridiculous!  It is one of those that you can listen to while working and it always keeps me giggling! 


Dating Kinda Sucks

 Y'all this is the a raw, and hysterically funny podcast about all things dating, sex, and relationships. It is hosted by millennial serial dater Sarah G and comedian Adam Avitable. Whether you're single, committed, or it's complicated, you will no doubt enjoy what you hear!  I love all the personal stories of Sarah G dating episodes!  Today I listened to one and she was like, "Okay...I'm gonna go ahead and tell this story but seriously I'm already sweating just thinking bout telling it!"  LOL!  Also, it is especially relatable right now as they have been recording episodes on how to go about and why we should or shouldn't go for the virtual date during quarantine!  


 The Dropout 

Y'all this is the best documentary series!  This podcast follows the insanely unprecedented rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes.  She is a young Stanford dropout hailed as “the next Steve Jobs”.  At one point she was described as the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire and CEO.  She is the creator of a revolutionary blood testing startup company that was valued at $9 billion.  The Dropout tells all the details from a three-year investigation into Holmes’ disturbing tales of fabrication, lies and betrayal.  Rebecca Jarvis hosts this podcast and tells Holmes story through a bunch of interviews with former patients, employees, investors and even her own testimony. Y'all will die when you hear what this one woman was willing to do in order to chase after fame and ambition. It's so fascinating and I know y/all will love it!


My Favorite Murder

This is easily one of mine and the Dixie & Dot Girl Gang's fave podcasts! Hosts Karen and Georgia blend the perfect amount of humor, crime, and comedy! It's a fabulous True Crime Podcast, but also know that it is a comedy!  It is really fascinating, even talking bout difficult topics like the victims of the crimes, Karen and Georgia always add light humor. I have no doubt you will love it too!  


True Crime Obsessed

Okay babes, talk about obsessed….I am!!  Y’all will NOT regret listening to True Crime Obsessed. Hosts Gillian and Patrick mix comedy and crime into the most amazing podcast! I listen to several true crime podcasts, but this one, even as they discuss the details of these depressing  and devastating story lines Gillian and Patrick bring the perfect amount of light-heartedness into each episode which for me during this quarantine is very necessary!  So if you wanna feel like you’re listening to a crime show with your BFF’s this is the one for you!  


 Hope y'all enjoy a few of these podcasts as much as we do!!  Sit back or work while enjoying one or a few of these! 


XOXO,  HPH and the Dixie & Dot Girl Gang



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