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Hey NWA Bachelorette Party Babes!!

Hey Bachelorette Party Babes!!  Are all you Brides to Be looking for a great spot and ideas  to have an amazing Bachelorette Party without traveling?  You can have a spectacular time right here in NWA!!   

Here are 5 Fab Ideas you and your Babes will never forget!! 


Eureka Springs

Book a room or two at the historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.  Plan for a relaxing Spa day with your squad.  Head to the Stonehouse to drink some wine and listen to live local music. Have a fab supper at Local Flavor and then bar hop around for lots of late night cocktails and great times with all your babes!  



Lake House Stay

Rent a lake house or if you are lucky enough to have a family member or friend that will let you and your I Do Crew stay for a fun day and sleepover!  Rent a party boat for all day fun on the lake and then head back into the house for drinking games, reminiscing and quality time with your girls!!   

Float and Camp Trip

 For all of you babes that love the outdoors here is the perfect idea for you!!  Book a float trip and have a campsite all set up at the bottom to have a super fun Bachelorette party night under the stars!  Make s'mores, tell stories and have fun cocktails! 

Day at the Vineyards

Rent a venue like Sassafras Springs Vineyard  for a fun day of wine tasting!  If you can't make it to Napa this is a great option especially for you wine loving babes!!  As a little gift to the Bride and Bridesmaids order some cute personalized wine cups for your fab day!  

Pole and Aerial Dancing

This would be sooo much fun!  You can rent the NWA pole and aerial dance studio for a great night of dancing and fun!!  I don’t know about y’all but I think this Bachelorette night would def be loads of unforgettable fun!! 


Don't forget to take the Booze N Babes game with you to your Bachelorette Party no matter what!! It is guaranteed fun for everyone!!  



XOXO, HPH and the Dixie Dot Girl Gang!! 

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