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NIGHTMARE ON BLOCK STREET: Fayetteville, Arkansas's Ultimate Halloween Pop-Up Bar


Our home town (but really our home towns) in Northwest Arkansas are very well known for their fun and unique events. People from all over come to events like the NWA Boutique Show, Bikes Blues & BBQ, exhibits at Crystal Bridges, film festivals, concerts, the LPGA, the Walmart Shareholders Meeting, and Razorback games. But here recently, the 'Nightmare on Block Street' Halloween Pop-Up Bar in Fayetteville has been a HUGE hit!



Nightmare on Block St. is located in the same building as Pinpoint Bar (if you need to pull up directions) and boy did they really out do themselves! Such a fun and spooky experience to get people into the Halloween spirit. For those who plan on attending in the future, I would plan on waiting in line for about 30 min to an hour. There is a shorter wait if you're willing to go before 8:00. But trust me, you'll see why it's worth it.

The bar had Halloween decorations in every corner, on every wall, the ceiling, around the seating areas and some even at your seating area. Of course this year was a little different due to Covid-19, but that didn't stop them from making this the best Halloween experience. To prevent people from getting their drinks at the bar, they instead placed life size skeletons on all the bar stools and sat customers at their own table restaurant style.


What was the best part you asked? Hands down was THE DRINKS! They had all sorts of fun Halloween themed drinks like the "Mike Wizowski", the "Redrum" blood bag, and the "Colder than a Witches...Broom". They also had a few options like candy bars, a candy bowl, and a small dish of pork rinds a.k.a. their "fried skin".

To top off this fun experience, they included some pin ball machines and a couple skee-ball machines for everyone to play on. But of course, while still following Covid guidelines. 

Nightmare on Block St. was a perfect fun and festive night-time outing. Many people have said that they really enjoyed going and that it was totally worth the wait in line. I have a good feeling that it will be back next fall, and will definitely be re-visiting!

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