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Survive the Quarantine Part 2: Missing your Friends? Same!!

Survive the Quarantine Part 2: 

Missing your Friends?  Same!!

  Hey Babes Hey!  Here we are still quarantined! I know if y'all are anything like me you are trying to find things to fill these long days while staying safe at home.  So, I'm gonna to share with y'all my 4 part mini series on Ways to Survive the Quarantine.  In each episode you will get lots of ideas on things to do to fill the time and make you a happier you in the meantime!  

In this 2nd part of our mini-series I'm gonna give you 5 ways to enjoy your friends while also social distancing that all of the Dixie and Dot Girl Gang is obsessed with!! 


Cocktail hour or two with Zoom!!


Idk if y'all have any experience with zoom.  If you don’t….no worries it’s super easy!! I organized a zoom event with 3 of my BFF’s and it was a blast!  We set it up the other night for 8:00 pm and all enjoyed a bottle or so of and lots of great conversation to catch up!  It was much needed and SO FUN!  


Group Texts

Some of y’all prolly already have group texts set up with friends already but they are more important than ever now!  Not only do I have a group text with my Besties, my larger best friends group and my Dixie & Dot girl gang!  

It’s the best to send or receive a funny or a great story from your friends!  It’s keeps us all connected and allows us to enjoy all of our friends! 


Netflix Party

Have y’all heard of the Netflix Party?  It’s a chrome extension….easy to install and you can watch a movie with your friends!  It’s almost as great as going to movies with your friends!  


Houseparty which is also an app or google chrome extension that gives a split screen look at callers in the "house." You are allowed eight people on the call at once. It also allows you to play game options with whoever you're video chatting with, such as entertainment trivia.

Dance Party 

If you are missing the feeling of going out and dancing you can still party at home. There are several ongoing virtual parties.  Tune into Derrick Jones, who’s stage name is DJ D-Nice, has begun to host daily dance parties he’s dubbed Club Quarantine on Instagram. He started hosting shows in March. Club Quarantine became so popular that celebs have made appearances, such as Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, Mary. J. Blige, and Oprah Winfrey have all attended Club Quarantine! Tell your friends to join in also!

You can attend Club Quarantine every day on Instagram Live. DJ D-Nice goes live daily at 4:00 p.m. (central time) and plays his sets from a turntable on his kitchen counter. Have fun!

XOXO, HPH and Dixie & Dot  Girl Gang

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