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Looking for a Series to Watch? I got you!!

Looking for a Series to Watch? I got you!! 


Hey Babes Hey!  So….another week and here we are still quarantined! I know if y'all are anything like me you are trying to find things to fill these long days while staying safe at home.  So, I'm gonna to share with y'all my 4 part mini series on Ways to Survive the Quarantine. In each episode you will get lots of ideas on things to do to fill the time and make you a happier you in the meantime!  

 What to Watch???

In this 3rd part of our mini-series I'm gonna give you some ideas on what to watch while  staying safe at home. Here are 6 great TV series to occupy some of your time. I know you will love these as much as the Dixie & Dot Girl Gang does!!  


Fleabag (Amazon)

This show is so fun and brilliant.Talking straight to the camera is a risky creative venture but Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag character somehow makes it work. Over two seasons and 12 episodes, Fleabag is hysterical, sleeps around, disappoints everyone, and is very British.


Good Girls (Netflix)

I loved this show!  It’s about three moms that rob a grocery store just to get by meet and it turns out to be so much more! You will love the lead characters and story line in this show!! 


Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

I def can't get enough of this show!  It is one of those that you really wish had at least 4 seasons already! It has a star studded cast with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. Also it’s based in the 90’s with the dopest outfits ever, not to mention the 90’s music!  Watch it for sure!!


Killing Eve (Hulu)

This  is one of those series that caught me off guard, but I really like it! It is intense, funny, and boasts beautiful European locations.  Sandra Oh is an agent that is obsessed with a beautiful and brilliant assassin. It is intriguing and I think you’ll love it! 


Hunters (Amazon)

Based in the 1970’s in NYC. It is basically a group of Nazi hunters attempting to take down Nazi war criminals on vendeta to rise up in America. It isn’t typically my favorite type of show but Al Pacino is amazing and you will love it!  

Succession (HBO)

This story of the power struggles of the very rich Roy family is fascinating. You find yourself cheering when the children of media mogul dad are humiliated and cast aside after tearing each other limb from limb. As the patriarch, Cox is a master puppeteer, barely blinking while he pulls the strings. You will love it!  


So...hopefully you will like one or all of these!  One thing for sure….you have the time at home to check ‘em out!  I know it feels like it’s getting harder to make it through this pandemic but we’re doing it!!  Relax and check these out! This too shall pass!  


XOXO, HPH and Dixie & Dot  Girl Gang


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