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What We Are Listening To...All day, Everyday! By Kristen Crow and everyone else in the office

I sit sometimes and wonder what the hell did we do before podcasts came to be??? I am sure we were much more active and more focused but who needs that!

We have put together a little list for your reading and hopefully listening pleasure! These are the podcasts that our fabulous & some may say sinister dolls dig on. 



  • The Bitch Bible – Jackie Shimmel makes me LOL & always has something wildly inappropriate to say, to which I thoroughly enjoy.
  • Sword & Scale --- It’s basically the podcast version of dateline. Which makes it incredibly disturbing but amazing for all true crime enthusiasts (like myself).


  • Cold – weirdest/saddest podcast ever – true crime genre



  • Dr. Death is my number one because I found it BAFFLING that he was able to continue his practice and be hired at hospitals where he had a very clear record of malpractice and psychotic behaviors. My jaw was on the ground for about 8 straight hours because I could not stop listening to the insanity.

  • My Favorite Murder is a close second. Hosts Karen and Georgia tell captivating stories sent in by people around the world about murders in their hometowns. They also keep things lighthearted telling some funny stories mixed in with the murder tales that make it entertaining and dynamic.


  • Getting Curious is amazing and I just cannot get enough of Jonathan Van Ness.  He makes me laugh, cry and asks the questions I didn't even know I wanted know! Love! Love! Love!
  • The First Degree is an incredible podcast brought into my life by another true crime lover.  Jac Vanek, Alexis Linkletter, and expert correspondent Billy Jensen take turn up your anxiety in the best way.
Also love My Favorite Murder- little obsessed and Second Life gives me life...I couldn't just choose two! 

We hope you have enjoyed learning about our pod prefs. 

Now if we missed one that you love the most please let us know!  There is no such thing as too many podcasts!

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