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ICYDK....It's a Leap Year!!

ICYDK…...It’s A Leap Year!  



You may already know but 2020 is a Leap year!  We have a leap year every 4 years creating 366 days this year!  So in 2020 there is a February 29th. 

Have you heard of the old tradition that women can propose to their love on Leap Day? This is definitely a tradition that is a wayyyy has been!  Don’t you think women or men should ask the one they love to marry them any day they want or don’t….right?? Let’s dump this tradition and come up with our own exciting tradition for 2020 Leap Day!  

Try something new....what about these ideas?  

  • New sexual position or fantasy? 
  • Get a tattoo? 
  • Get a new hairstyle?
  • Have a fun party featuring a leap day cocktail? 


What do you think you will do?  I know it will be something fun!!  I’m going to a Leap Day party one of my babes is hosting.  I’m also thinking of maybe getting a new tattoo I’ve had in my mind for awhile now.  I'd love to hear what you will be doing on Leap Day 2020!    

Happy Leap Day Errbody!! 

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