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How to Throw the Best (Budget-Friendly) Friendsgiving by Rachel Roberts

How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving

It's Fall Y'all! That means it's almost one of the best times of the year: FRIENDSGIVING. The holidays (especially Thanksgivings) can be just the worst sometimes... but one holiday you can count on not sucking is Friendsgiving!

What the heck is Friendsgiving?

I'm glad you asked! Friendsgiving is simply a Thanksgiving party for your friends. I would have these once a year with my friends back in college and it was ALWAYS the best time.


What You'll Need:


No, not the show Friends (even though it's my favorite TV show). You're going to need some real life friends to bring to this thing! Make sure not to send out invites too early in advance (it'll just get forgotten). I would recommend making a private Facebook event for your Friendsgiving and send the invites 2 weeks in advance.

An important part of Friendsgiving = Friends GIVING some sides, supplies, etc.

Make sure your free-loading friends provide the sides for your big Friendsgiving! Make someone in charge of certain dishes. This is going to make your life so much easier and that will ensure everyone will have enough to eat (without having to spend all your money).

Here are some side ideas your friends can bring:

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese Casserole (YUM)
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Stuffing
  • Salad


If your friends are anything like mine, you're gonna have to provide some booze to keep the party going!

But you're already spending money on preparing the turkey, so here are some easy and affordable drink options:

  • Champagne ($6 - $20)
  • Wine ($8 - $20)
  • Moscow Mules (Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice)
  • Mimosas (Champagne + OJ)
  • Bloody Marys (Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix + Vodka)

3) Plan your meal

You don't have to be a 5-star chef or a foodie to whip up some dank Thanksgiving dinner. There are some really easy (& affordable!) recipes out there for beginner cooks.

If you're planning on cooking a turkey... BUY IT 3-4 DAYS PRIOR TO FRIENDSGIVING

If you're an amateur cook, like myself, this might not have been first knowledge to you. Apparently it can take up to 2 days to defrost that giant bird and then you'll want to brine it for a day (to make it taste DANK). Plus turkeys are such a hot commodity towards Thanksgiving, so you want to make sure your store doesn't run out and you can pick the best one!

Here are some easy Thanksgiving recipes you can try: (Thank GOD for Pinterest, amirite?!)

4) Photo Backdrop

Because if you didn't take pictures... did it ever really happen?! Just kidding! But who doesn't love a good picture when you're doing cute holiday things with your friends? 

^ #squadgoals


If you're ballin' on a budget, I got you! I've got the easiest (& cheapest) backdrop idea that anyone can do... A STREAMER WALL. You literally just tape strips of streamers together and you can create whatever color scheme you'd like.

DIY Crepe Paper Streamers Photography Backdrop Idea by Lovely Indeed | Featured on I Heart Faces Photography Blog

5) Stretchy Pants

Last but not least, you'll definitely need your stretchy pair of pants (leggings, yoga pants, etc.) to fit that food baby you're about to be carrying!

The best things about fall style is that you can wear looser clothing and it's still cute for the season. Pair your stretchy pants with a cute baggy sweater to hide your food baby bump!

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