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Hey Babes Hey.....Wedding Plans Affected by Quarantine?

Hey Babes Hey…...Wedding Plans been Affected?


Babes, this has been a fairly trying time I know for everyone but for all of y'all that had weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, and any other pre-wedding, and wedding plans it has been extra hard I know!  

Here are 5 tips that can make a difference for y’all!! One thing for sure to know…...It’s all gonna be okay!!  Y’all are in love and a little bit of adjusting is real life. Just think of it as preparing for future life events that all couples have to adjust to once y’all start your lives together.  


1.  Decide what New Plan is that fits with you and your Love.

  • If you decide to Postpone dates you need to decide new dates
  • Implement new plan whatever that is

2.  Inform all Vendors of your New Plan.

  • You will need to be flexible with new dates….consider a week day
  • Possibly Lose deposits if you decide to not use these vendors


3.  Consider Celebrating the Day Anyways.

      I have read and seen a lot of stories of couples that have decided to move forward with their wedding day.

  • Zoom Wedding
  • Video Wedding and send to loved ones


4.  Communicate!

     Be sure you have let your family, wedding party, and guests be aware of changes.

  • There are tons of cute cards to send like these…..
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls/Facetime


5.  Allow yourself to Grieve.

  • It’s okay to be sad that you have to change plans
  • Making these decisions with the one you love are your choices….be excited about whatever those decisions are!  
  • It’s gonna be okay!  


For me personally, I have already been married once and got to enjoy all the events the way I planned.  However, if I were getting married during this unusual time in our world. I would highly consider performing the ceremony via zoom or video taping, and pocket the money putting it toward something long term for your lives together!  You can always have a celebration of your marriage when everything is back to normal!  




  Whatever all you beautiful Babes decide will work out Amazingly!!  It's all gonna be okay I promise!!  Cheers!   

XOXO, HPH and the Dixie Dot Gang! 


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