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Hey Babes Hey….It’s Memorial Day!!

Hey Babes Hey….It’s Memorial Day!!



Babes, I know y’all know this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend!  In years past we all look forward to a long weekend but…..this year of course we’ve had lots of long days and weekends at home!!  Thankfully, some of the quarantine restrictions have been lifted but we are still living in unusual times and we have to be a bit cautious.  

Here are 5  IDEAS to help you make Memorial Day or Weekend a great one!!  It’s all about a Few Amazing Friends

Okay Babes….Let’s Get on with it!!  


 Drinks in the Driveway 

How fun will it be to have a self serve bar at the edge of the garage or in the driveway and have a few fantastic friends make their cocktails and visit.  You could start early in the evening and enjoy for several hours.  I suggest to decorate with a patriotic theme. Save the decorations and you can use them again for the 4th of July!  



 Grillin on the Green

Invite a few family members or friends to come chill on the beautiful green grass while the grill is fired up with steaks or hamburger/hot dogs!  Put some red, white, and blue decorations around or a lil flag or two in some mason jars on the table.  Play some great music and enjoy the grill and the green grass under your feet! 


  Giggling with Games

It’s always fun to play games with a few amazing friends.  What about Charades?  You can keep a comfortable distance and play easily!  

Gather all the guys and girls and play our famously fabulous Booze N’ Babes drinking game!  It is sooo fun!  Click the link and get you one!!  


  Chalk on the Walk

Have y’all seen the trend of drawing or writing with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks?  This would be a super fun thing to do over Memorial Weekend!  Sidewalk chalk is cheap and comes by the bucket.  So, go get some buckets of chalk, invite a few fab friends and get your Picasso on!!  It would be fitting to draw or say patriotic things to commemorate all the military men and women that have given their lives for our country.  Of course you could incorporate this fun activity while you’re having Drinks in the Driveway or Grilling on the Green!  


 Line Dancing on the Lawn

Idk bout y’all but I’m TikTok crazy these days!!  How bout have a few fab friends over, string some lights up, cut on the music as loud as your neighbors will endure and learn some new line dances or TikTok dances.  Be sure to record them.  How fun would that be???


Hope you can use one or all of these fun ideas to make your Memorial Day or Weekend ahhhmazing!!!  

Go get your supplies, text few people and make some memories this weekend!! 

Cheers to those that served in our military and gave their lives for our country!!!

XOXO, HPH and the Dixie Dot Gang! 


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