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Getting organized in 2020


You know that feeling you get after you deep clean your room or house? That dopamine rush of satisfaction? I’m going to give you some quick and easy tips on how to attain and maintain this for 2020!


The hardest step is getting started. I’m the world’s best procrastinator and I love to sit and think about all these great ideas with the follow up thought of “okay starting tomorrow” which quickly turns into “okay starting next week”. So there’s no better time to get the ball rolling than a new year!




The best way to get started is to write down all your goals in the form of a check list. For me personally, I want to start with a full closet and room clean out because when my living space is organized it makes me feel more proactive to get my life organized. Having a check list and marking off your to do’s will motivated you to keep going. Start simple and have a check list for each area. For example, I’m starting with my closet so the first thing I’d write down is: separate what I wear and what I can give away then do the same for shoes and accessories. For some people this can be difficult, but you have to just pull the trigger. Once I’ve cleaned everything out the organizing process begins. I’ve tried several different tactics like separating clothes by color, seasons, etc., and through many trials I found that organizing my clothes by styles first and then color is the most efficient. For example putting all my tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, etc. into sections and then organizing them into color for the aesthetically pleasing look. Then do the same for shoes and accessories and your closet is all set!



Moving on to the bedroom, my checklist would start similar to my closet’s list with decluttering. Start with your bedside tables, desks, and the nightmare under your bed. You’ll probably need lots of trash bags, you’d be shocked at how much sh!t you have that you don’t use crammed in drawers. Pull the trigger and throw it all out, no mercy. You have to declutter to be able to prioritize your things and organize them accordingly. Plastic bins are a necessity. If your closet is too packed put your seasonal wear in bins to keep under your bed organized and still useful. If you have a desk or any kind of table surface, it’s crucial to keep it decluttered and simple. Get rid of any unnecessary items that take up a large amount of space.


It’s important to maintain regular cleaning habits for upkeep. Getting in a routine of making your bed every morning will help your room look much cleaner and help you feel more prepared for your day. Another helpful habit is to finish whatever you’ve started and not feeling rushed to get a lot done and leaving tasks incomplete.  I am currently trying to retrain myself to finish a task all the way through– INCLUDING CLEAN UP– before I move onto the next thing. When I do this successfully, I can plop down on the couch in the evening and be surrounded by a neat, clean, inviting space rather than mass chaos. It only takes a few more minutes, but it makes a huge difference later!


The list could go on and on with ways to get and stay organized, but for now I’ll leave you with these tips to get you started on a positive note for 2020!

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