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Eat, Drink and Be Happy!

Eat, Drink and Be Happy! 
My favorite places in Downtown Bentonville

Downtown Bentonville has transformed over the last few years.  Hopefully you have already done a bit of exploring of your own, however if you need some guidance I am here to help! In this blog entry I specifically want to tell you about a few of my favorite places to eat, drink and be happy (late night drinking and entertainment)! Get out and about in Downtown Bentonville and enjoy a couple of my suggestions!  


Preacher’s Son

 Located in a beautifully restored church right off the square, Preacher’s Son has an incredible atmosphere and even better food!  The menu is prepared with local ingredients from ranchers and farmers in NWA and is 100% gluten free. In my opinion, Preacher’s Son is the best meal in Downtown Bentonville.  I have enjoyed beautiful suppers with friends or family many times there and have never been disappointed. In addition to the amazing food they have a fantastic wine list and full bar.  It is one to put on your to go list!  


Pressroom is a great place for breakfast, lunch or supper!  You can sit and enjoy great food, coffee, beer, wine, and amazing cocktails. My favorite meal is a toss up between the fried chicken sandwich or the scallops, however my younger son thinks the best thing on the menu is the chicken and waffles.  If you like a good bloody mary they have a fantastic homemade one! It is a great place to be with your family and friends. Lots of our neighbors will be there enjoying the good vibes along with you!  

Oven and Tap

Oven and Tap is a great and fun place to have an amazing pizza! They have other items as well including a salmon dish, fried chicken, several salads and great appetizers.  My boys love the mozzarella chunks. The atmosphere is vibrant and features a custom built wood fired oven and artwork from local artists adorning the walls that is also for sale.  If it is a nice day and are lucky enough to get seated at one of the coveted outdoor deck tables that is the best!  They have a couple good wines by the glass, house cocktails, and a custom made tap with 16 craft cold beers. Check it out!  


The Undercroft

The lounge located underneath Preacher’s Son is one of the best places downtown to have a drink.  It has a hidden bar with a seductive vibe that you are sure to love! They have great wine choices, classic cocktails, and their own cocktail creations.  Monday evenings you will find a fantastically talented jazz band playing while you enjoy your libation with a friend or colleague. Something to make note of is that you can also order anything from the incredible and 100% gluten free menu from Preacher’s Son upstairs.  I love to meet a date at this bar. It is a great place to enjoy drinks and intimate conversation.  

The Hive                                

21 C, an amazing downtown hotel has an incredible restaurant but an even better bar.  I love to meet up with a friend, client or a group of friends in their unique bar.  You can also order some of their mouth watering bites such as their signature pimento cheese served with bacon jam and white bread toast points that is to die for!  They have a full bar including their own craft cocktails, and a world class wine list. You will not be disappointed.  

Scotch and Soda

Just like their name...Scotch and Soda is ranked one of the 40 best Whisky bars in the country!  Not only that but they have many other libations and an amazingly vibrant atmosphere! They are open Thursday-Sundays and stay open until 1 am.  It has a very hip and exciting feel every time I am there! Definitely one to put on your to go list! 

Be Happy

The Nines

This place is my absolute favorite late night bar!  It has the best vibe! The owner Mel and bartender Blake are always there helping everyone to enjoy their cocktails or sing and dance along with the various musical artists and DJ’s!  If you are looking for a great place check out The Nines! And they are open until 2 am on the weekends….Cheers!!



The First Seat

If you like a small local bar this is the place for you!!  The First Seat is a great place to have a drink and late night meal!  They literally have the best homemade “chips” which are like thinly cut french fries! Full bar and great choices of beer.  Belly up at First Seat bar until 1 am on the weekends. I know you’ll love it! 


Meteor Guitar Gallery

This place is a great place to go for weekly live entertainment! They feature live musicians from near and far.  Additionally they host theme nights such as a flapper party that was a blast and a Halloween dress up party! Not only is there music there is also an art gallery featuring various artists and their incredible artwork.  Check out their online calendar and get tickets to the next event that strikes your fancy!  

Ok….hopefully you feel compelled to visit a few of my favorite Eat, Drink and Be Happy spots in Downtown Bentonville.  I would love to run into you and yours in any of these fantastic spots!  

Cheers to exploring Downtown Bentonville!!!   💓💓💓

Eat….Drink….Be Happy!! 

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