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Causing a Racquet

Welcome to our very first blog post for Dixie & Dot!! We're going to give you a behind the scenes look at our tennis-themed photoshoot: Causing a Racquet. If you haven't already, check out our lookbook here for some really cute photos of our gals with their tennis flasks.



 Inspiration: Palm Springs



The Tennis Flask is going to become your new favorite drinking buddy on the court! One of our founders, Leslie Lentz, is an avid tennis player and she knows that everyone at the Country Club always needs a drink (herself included). 

Location: Pinnacle Country Club - Rogers, Arkansas

 We shot our Tennis Lookbook at the Pinnacle Country Club, a gorgeous country club in Rogers, Arkansas. We shot on their clay courts which are STUNNING.


 Photographer: Huyen Ho

Our adorable little photographer was Huyen Ho, a close friend of mine. She was about to be our backup model because she's so cute too! Huyen shot with her Canon camera and edited all the photos in Adobe LightRoom.


 Queens of the Court: Emily Wohlgemuth and Maurie Vaughn 

Also known as our Dixie Dolls! We seriously lucked out when we got Emily and Maurie to do our shoot. They are so fun and easy going (not to mention STUNNING) which made the shoot even more fun!

Emily, the brunette, is another one of my very close friends and she has had some professional experience shooting for Southern Swim in the past. Our other beautiful model, Maurie, does not have a modeling background but you could NOT TELL. The best part about our models is that these beauties are both Arkansas girls!! 

The Holy Grail: The Tennis Flask

The Tennis Flask is a Country Club NECESSITY. Now you can sneak in your mixed drink between matches in the cutest little flask. You can let everyone know that you're the #baller and #shotcaller of the court with our hashtag designs on each side of the flask.

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