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Booze N' Babes THE GAME

It’s going down, we’re yelling timber!!


Booze 'N Babes The Game - Dixie & Dot

Hey girl Hey! We are SO excited to share our girl’s night out new game with you, we hope you love it as much as we do!

Your next girl’s night is about to get a little wilder! Booze ‘N Babes is the game you will love to have to get the party started. Think of it as a drunk Jenga- girls night edition! You can play with as little as 2 people, or as many people as you want. You go around the table, playing the game how you would normally by pulling blocks out of the tower, but in our version, each block has a crazy task that you have to do! This is the perfect game to play at a girls night in or out, and especially perfect when drinking is involved.


Booze 'N Babes the Game - Dixie & Dot


One of my favorite parts of the weekend is getting all my friends together for a group pregame before we go out for the night. Everyone has a drink in their hand, music is blasting, and we are all excited to see where the night is going to take us! Booze ‘N Babes is the perfect addition to spice up any night like this because it is bound to get weird, potentially embarrassing, hilarious, but most importantly, fun!! It gives us something entertaining to do while we are all standing around hanging out (and starting to feel our mixed drinks). Since whoever loses by knocking down the blocks has to drink, the alcohol is bound to be flowing by the time the game is over, just in time to go out. It’s especially perfect when you are trying to convince your friend to make a move on her crush at the bar- if she pulls the block that makes her get 3 phone numbers, she has to do it!! With other blocks like take a shot, toast your besties and dance on a table, everyone is going to want to be at your next pregame playing Booze ‘N Babes.



We have listed a few of our most popular blocks that are bound to get the party started, so grab your booze, grab your babes, and get to playing!


Impersonate Someone

Pick someone in the room and do your best impersonation of them

Embarrassing Moment

Think hard about one of your most embarrassing moments and share it with the group

Chug A Beer

Chug a beer, any beer!

Wink at A Guy

Practice your winking and pick a guy!

Go Again

Good Luck!


Drink your drink until the next person does their task

Single Ladies Drink

All the single ladies…now put your drinks up!

Serenade Someone

Time to put your Taylor Swift lyrics to the test to belt out your best serenade

Never Have I Ever

Everyone holds us 3 fingers and players go around the circle stating never have I ever sentences. If you’ve done what someone said, put a finger down. First person with all fingers down drinks

Dance on a Table

Clear the nearest table and shake your groove thing!

Blow a Kiss

Pucker up and blow a kiss at someone in your group or someone random!

Duck Face Selfie

Us girls are pros at this

Lose a Turn


Chug, Chug, Chug

Grab your drink and get to drinkin’ it!

2 Truths 1 Lie

Think of 2 truths and 1 lie to tell the group. If they guess your lie correctly, you drink. If you don’t guess the right lie, the group drinks

Secret Talent

We know you have one! Show the group your secret talent 

Toast Your Besties

Raise your glasses and toast all your babes

Stop, Hammer Time

Bring back those throwback moves and hammer time!

Dance Off

Pick someone in the group to have a dance off with

Do a Shot- No Hands

Take a shot but hands off!

Shotgun a Beer

Get those keys out and shotgun a beer as fast as you can

Group Selfie

Get your group together and take the best drunk selfie you can

Worst Party Moment

We all have them…share your worst one with the group!

Prank Call your Mom

Sorry mom! Pick your best prank call line and give your mom a scare…or a laugh!

Impersonate a Celebrity

Pick your favorite celebrity and do your best impression of them!

Top Swap!

Pick someone in the group to switch tops with for the rest of the night


There you have it ladies! Our new favorite game that we know you are going to love! Now it’s time to have Girls Night Out that you won’t forget!



Dixie & Dot Gang


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