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Steppin out of Quarantine with These 5 Trending Fashions


Babes....We can finally start steppin out of the house a lil bit now!!  So, you know what that means?  You get to wear all those clothes you’ve been buying up online during quarantine depression!!  Well, you can wear everything except for those Basic A$$ tie-dye matching crop sweatshirt and shorts sets. Truth....don't be wearing those outside your house!  Scroll on down to see 5 trending ideas y’all have got to know about! I’m obsessed with several of them!!  


Sporty Drawstrings

How fab is this t-shirt?!? I love the bungee drawstring and that it’s cropped without being boxy!  This one----Obsessed!!  I also love the drawstring or bungee on dresses....short and long.  What do y'all think?  (Side note the Chartreuse color is hot rn too so that long dress is 2 trend in one...check, check!)



Orange and Pink

Ok, so I know the orange and pink trend has been going for a minute but still loving it.  Especially with a color blocked peasant style cotton ankle length dress!!  Check out these…..



Bra Top with Matching bottoms

1990’s are back in full force.  So, in case you didn’t know already, a bra is considered a shirt.  Take that bralette top and pair with the same print shorts, pants, or my fav....a skirt....Soooo Adorable!! I especially love the floral prints. 1994 is calling…….answer babe! 



Fancy Bermudas

Ok so turns out the bermuda shorts are trending…..I’m def on the fence bout this one.  Some of them don't look the best but I did find a few I think you babes will pull off amazingly.  I do love the look of a bermuda short made with a high sheen material such as satin  paired with a casual tank or even a vintage graphic tee.  One caveat is I think you have to choose the shorts’ length properly to pull it off unless you have the sexy long legs.  



Side Cutouts

This trend is the perf mix of sexy and cute!!  I love this cutout trend especially on a cotton summer dress!  It is simple, practical, playful and fire! I personally love it best in an all white dress with the side cutouts made of fab cotton fabric  with the ties to wrap around your waist however you like.  One more thing that is good to know is that eyelet is on trend too.  How cute would a white eyelet lace casual dress with the sides cutout be?  Cute-Cute-Cute Babes!!


Okay babes.....Hope y'all like a couple of these ideas!  Pull out all that stuff you bought during quarantine, glow up, and get out and about!!  Still be safe, wash your hands, and wear your mask....but get out!!  Yay....Happy June 2020!!!

XOXO, HPH and the Dixie Dot Girl Gang!!  






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