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9 Instagram Worthy Places in Fayetteville, AR By Karlee Kilker

Located in the Ozarks, this city is just one of the towns making up the hidden gem that is Northwest Arkansas. It’s a medley of die-hard college football fans and people boasting granola status. Fayetteville is no ordinary city. Within the captivating “Hog Country,” there is some prime photo-ops to share with your followers. Next time you find yourself looking for a picturesque destination when you’re in town, make sure and look for those “instagrammable” stops! 

1. What: Uptown Apartments & Shops

Dixie and Dot Uptown Apartments Fayetteville Arkansas

Where: 3959 N Steele Blvd #102
Why: An upgrade to a simple apartment complex ideal, Uptown is surrounded by restaurants and stores making it neighborhood-like. The layout of Uptown itself is modern which makes for a great backdrop, but the wall art you can find around makes this an Instagrammable hotspot!
Dixie and Dot Uptown Apartments Fayetteville Arkansas
2. What: Mamaka Bowls
Dixie and Dot Mamaka Bowls Fayetteville arkansas
Where: 495 W Prairie St.
Why: The vibes of California hit you the second you walk towards this acai bowl destination. Arkansas may be land-locked from the beach, but this place will give you a vacay fix! Like any perfect Instagram stop, at Mamaka Bowls they feature a tasty product and a ready-to-pose atmosphere. Grab one of their swings (yes swings) where you can enjoy a freshly made smoothie or smoothie bowl. I’m planning out my next visit as we speak!
Dixie and Dot Mamaka Bowls Fayetteville arkansas
3. What: U.S. Pizza Co.
Dixie and Dot US Pizza Fayetteville Arkansas
Where: 202 W Dickson St.
Why: This is a patriotic summertime dream! Bring some red, white, and blue (+ pizza) to your feed when you visit this classic pizza joint on Dickson. An American flag wall comes in addition to a mural featuring Rosie the Riveter, and a scene of Uncle Sam with U.S. troops. I’d say after you snap a picture to get in touch with American history, you’re ready to head inside to get a slice of pizza (it’s what the Founding Father’s would have wanted).
Dixie and Dot US Pizza Fayetteville Arkansas
4. What: Enjoy Local Mural feat. the Fayetteville Square
Dixie and Dot Downtown Fayetteville arkansas Enjoy Local
Where: 15 W. Center St.
Why: On the downtown square, to remind everyone that this growing town is rooted in its local businesses, there is the “Enjoy Local” wall mural. Around the square, you can also find Alchemy Macarons which are going to accomplish your perfect aesthetic and taste divine! Until you get to visit Ladurée Paris, Alchemy’s authentic French macarons can help you with your macaron fix. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays you can find the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market for some great finds! Grab a fresh flower bouquet and you’ll be all set for your picture with the “enjoy local” mural!
Dixie and Dot Alchemy Macaroons Fayetteville Arkansas
Dixie and Dot Alchemy Macaroons Downtown Fayetteville Arkansas
5. What: Sit & Spin
Dixie and Dot Sit and Spin Fayetteville Arkansas
Where: 737 N Leverett Ave Suite 2
Why: Another unique find in this one-of-a-kind town is this 24-hour laundry mat connected to a restaurant, the Leverett Lounge. Open from 5-10 PM, the atmosphere is quaint but the menu is anything but ordinary. AKA, bring your laundry and your appetite for this outing. This perfect “modernly retro” experience is another place for you to come up with that fun and different content!
Dixie and Dot Sit and Spin Fayetteville Arkansas
Dixie and Dot Burton's Comfort Creamery Fayetteville Arkansas
Where: 372 West Dickson
Why: This is one that I’ve been there, loved it, and literally gotten the t-shirt. Fayetteville has a bunch of amazing food trucks and at Burtons, they’ve got a very photogenic (and delicious) prop! Since 2014, Burton’s has served soft serve ice cream with its fun topping combos. Also, shout out to my @benrector fans out there because ~FUN FACT~ one of their cones (Ben’s Beloved) was made by the man himself! Only good things are coming from this visit.
Dixie and Dot Burton's Creamery Fayetteville Arkansas
7. What: Maude Boutique
Dixie and Dot Maude Wall Fayetteville arkansas
Where: 704 N College Ave
Why: On the backside of this women’s clothing store is what is now known as the “Maude Wall.” At this rainbow striped mural, there are a million different pictures to be taken. Maude debuted this color wall as a part of a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis in 2016, and it’s been a hit ever since! While you’re there, pop into Maude to find the perfect trendy ensemble. Add in our clear clutch as just the right versatile accessory, and you're ready to rock a #maudewall post!
Dixie and Dot Maude Wall Fayetteville arkansas
Dixie and Dot Block Street Records Downtown Fayetteville Arkansas
Where: 17 N Block Ave
Why: Vinyl has made a comeback and I’m loving it! Showing off your favorite albums, both old and new, is a great way to add some more personality to your Instagram. It’s also an entertaining and different thing to go and do with your friends! If you’ve never been in one, use this as an excuse to discover! You can do a flat lay with your record store find, or recreate that scene in Pitch Perfect…. 
Dixie and Dot Block Street Records Fayetteville Arkansas
You’ll enjoy some good music, pick up a great memory, and to top it off you can get a fun picture while you’re there!
Dixie and Dot Block Street Records Fayetteville arkansas
9. What: B-Unlimited Fayetteville
Dixie and Dot B-Unlimited Fayetteville arkansas
Where: 612 W Center St
Why: B-Unlimited has a retail shop in Fayetteville with custom-made product revolved around Arkansas and Fayetteville in particular. The really cool graphics you’ll find in-store, are carried around to the side of their building that features the wall mural reading: “Fayetteville Loves You.” Each letter has its own design and adds onto the fun wall murals around Fayetteville.

Where is your favorite Insta-worthy spot in Fayetteville? Let us know in the comments below! 


Dixie and Dot Sit and Spin Fayetteville arkansas

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