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2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide by Karlee Kilker

2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot


Okay, ladies, real talk the bachelorette party is crucial and needs to be stress free fun! Picking the right destination for this to go down will be key. So, I have two words for you: MUSIC CITY! Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and it is known for providing a good time for its visitors. This is a lively city whether you can’t get enough country music or just like to have a good time in a city full of some Southern draws. The downtown portion known as SoBro (South Broadway) is going to be what comes to a lot of people’s minds when they think of Nashville, but don’t discount the other parts you can experience on what is also a girl’s getaway weekend!


2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot


Where to Stay:

Depending on the time of year and amount of rooms you’ll need, a hotel may not be the only option for you. The last time I was in Nashville, a group of girls and I tried out an Airbnb about a five-minute drive from downtown. With Uber and Lyft readily available, staying around town can be made a little more possible. An easy ride, or walk even, to the “honky tonk central” is going to be your sweet spot. Some great options can also be found in East Nashville which is a close alternative to being right on top of downtown.  





What to Do:


2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot


There are twenty-one different neighborhoods that make up Nashville. Which one of those you visit over the course of the weekend will come down to the bride’s (and her tribe’s) personality. This is a great town to do some strolling around during the day and enjoy great music in the evening. When you go out don’t forget to throw on some fun accessories (like our Dixie & Dot bridal flash tats)!


Schedule a group activity…

  • Drinking tours are available in several fashions: party barges, party buses, and the party bike. This is not only a fun thing to do with your group, but can allow you to see different parts of town you may not make it to otherwise.
  • There are great nail bars around Nashville, but there is even a mobile nail service with party packages starting at four guests.
  • Look into what is going on at the Bridgestone Arena while you’re in town. A great concert or a Nashville Preds game can make for quite the entertainment (whether you’re a hockey fan or not!)


2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot


Spend a day visiting different neighborhoods…

  • Draper James, a Sprinkle’s Cupcake ATM, and a whole group of photo walls are on this one stretch in 12 South. Reese Witherspoon’s store located in 12 South is a MUST. Draper James is the definition of southern charm and you cannot help but be in awe at this brand Reese put together based on her roots in Tennessee. If you like or need to try a cronut, Five Daughters Bakery around the corner can hook you up!
  • Hillsboro Village and the Gulch also offer some great retail therapy destinations and some more well-known wall-murals. While you’re in Hillsboro wander down to the Kendra Scott store located down by the famous Bluebird Café!


2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot 


Hit up the Kendra Scott store…

  • For the bride and her besties, a really nice takeaway for the weekend could be a custom set of earrings from Kendra Scott. Get a matching piece or have everyone pick a design that fits their personality. This could be something for them to wear to the wedding as well! Great way to #treatyoself on this weekend!


Check out the Grand Ole Opry

  • Look into who will be in town for the Opry stage when you’re here! You never know who might be added to the lineup, and it is a live music event fueled by some serious music history.


Grand Ole Opry - 2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot

Go do late-night downtown…

  • A pub crawl is easy to do with all the different nightlife destinations downtown. There is even a group that will organize the crawl for you! A bar crawl will be what your ladies may want to do at least one night while you’re there. From the classic Tootsie’s, to the rooftop bars like Acme Feed & Seed, there is a venue for anything you all could want to do!
  • You are not going to hear a bad act singing or playing around this town. Check out Crazy Town on Broadway for three floors with six different bars, three stages and patios. This is a prime bachelorette party location that will feature some country music and some other choices as well.


Where to Eat:

Breakfast or Brunch:

  • Pinewood Social: Fantastic food and atmosphere! Added bonus: they have a pool and a bowling alley (reserve a lane ahead of time)! Definitely break out the camera here. Located in the downtown/Sobro area.
  • Sinema: This is a restaurant and bar that came out of a historic theater from the 1940s. Sinema has been voted one of the “South’s Best Brunches” by Southern Living, and is another special dining atmosphere offered in Nashville. Check out their bottomless brunch offered over the weekend!
  • Biscuit Love: Head to their location in the Gulch or Hillsboro Village depending on what neighborhood has the most to offer your group. I recommend the Lily biscuit French toast or the bonuts (omg- yes that is a biscuit + donut).


Biscuit Love - 2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot


Lunch or Dinner:

  • Burger Up (12th South): Amazing burgers and walking distance to the shopping and a grouping of wall murals!!
  • Acme Food & Seed (Downtown): Top place to visit in downtown Nashville where you’ll get to hear some great music and have some cocktails at their rooftop bar in the evening!
  • Cabana (Hillsboro Village): At Cabana you can actually dine in cabana like settings and connect your phone to play your own music while enjoying your cocktails! They offer some bachelorette party and girls night out specials as well.


Nashville Skyline - 2018 Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide - Dixie & Dot


Nashville can be a quirky weekend getaway or a charming Southern escape. The good news is there is something for everyone. There is so much to see and do that you’ll have to save some things for your next Nashville trip. Making sure your bride feels the love and creates some unforgettable memories is what it’s all about. So, grab her a white cowgirl hat and head to Nash-Vegas*!

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